Fiber Alley Datacenters (FADC) builds, owns, manages, operates and rents the largest collection of edge Data Centers in the Metro San Diego area. Reserve your cabinet now

No contract Colocation

Single Hop to all tier 1 global bandwidth providers

Flat Rate Cabinets for $1,000 per month

  • No Fees for Bandwidth – 1,000 Mbps Unlimited Port.
  • No Fees for Cabinet space.
  • No fees for class c (/24) allocation.
  • No fees for 20 AMP circuit.

Yes, no contract

We are the only datacenter that earns your business every month. Intentionally so. The status quo in the industry is to force you to sign a multi-year contract, with the intent to accumulate enough deals to be able to sell the business within 3 to 5 years. Support levels fall and every time you experience down time, you are beat up with a contract. Even worse, traditional colocation quotes are like Vegas hotels, quote one price, then tack on an outrageous “hidden resort fee.” Trapped, fee’d, and no control.

Public Cloud Alternative

The alternative might be to jump straight into public cloud, lose control of your servers, and start receiving random on-demand bills for disparate virtual systems that you are afraid to turn off.

Stop The Madness

Stop the madness and colocate your servers with a local company that cares about you and your business as much as their own. Get started with Fiber Alley today.

Tier One, Single Hop & Redundant

Fast IP: Single Hop to All Tier 1 Global Bandwidth Providers Fast Ethernet: 10 Gig or Greater Fiber connections within all Datacenters Redundant Throughout: Edge Routers, UPS’s, Generators, & even Power Lines Longest history of Uptime (i.e. no power outages) amongst ALL providers in San Diego.

About us?

Fiber Alley’s roots are deep. We launched the datacenter colocation business in San Diego way back in the 1990’s (think Madonna) and trained a significant number of the local sysadmins in the business.


Fiber Alley (FADC) builds, owns, manages, operates, and rents the largest collection of Edge Datacenters in the Metro San Diego Area.


The largest Internet Providers in San Diego are our Customers, including multiple datacenters rented to AIS, AT&T, and Verizon.

Business uptime

Not Just Colo

Fiber Alley is much, much more than just a colocation provider. We have a team of engineers staffed globally (on payroll, not outsourced) to do ONE thing – provide Business Continuity for your business during this global upheaval of continuous automation.

Let's Partner

By partnering with Fiber Alley we make all the bits-and-bytes work, from blazing fast connectivity to systems automation and even to custom software development.

Cost Control

It is not cost effective, nor possible, to have on your staff all the engineers needed to properly and securely manage your systems, essentially the heartbeat of your business. This is the reality of surviving in the increasingly complex and fast-moving environment of Cloud IT.


We solve that problem for you by maintaining on staff DevOps engineers with knowledge in all things Cloud and Colo, and time-share them to ensure your total Business Uptime, all the time. Get started with Fiber Alley today.