NVMe’s storage is up to 6x faster than SSD disks. This means your applications and websites will run at blazing speeds with NVMe storage. Giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.


The speed of NVMe storage comes from its PCIe x8 connection. This direct connection to the motherboard increases read / write and bandwidth performance. Giving your users an incredible experience. 


While a SATA III connection offers a maximum speed of up to 750 Mbps, a PCI Express lane delivers speeds of up to 985 Mbps. NVMe disks use 8 PCI Express lanes for communication, or up to 2.8 Gbps read speed. Simply put you get the data you need to make the right decisions with NVMe storage.

Reduced Lantency

PCI Express delivers a significant increase in read/write performance, and therefore, the number of read/write operations per second (IOPS).

Use cases for NVMe


Dramatically improve the speed of your website by upgrading to a dedicated server with NVMe storage. 


Having a fast website is critical to the success of your ecommerce site. Hosting your ecommerce site on CARI.net’s dedicated servers with NVMe storage will dramatically increase the speed of your ecommerce site and could increase your company’s bottom line.

Big Data

The lightning-fast response times of NVMe disk will have a huge impact on your big data workloads. Industries like marketing, finance and cyber security will benefit greatly by having NVMe storage.

Data Base

Dramatically increase the speed of your databases by migrating your databases to our infrastructure with NVMe.

Get your dedicated server with NVMe storage today.